B12 Gallery, Ibiza

August 12 - September 2, 2015



Sandro Zendralli



Galleria B12, C/ Antonio Planells Ferrer, 1 local 1, Ibiza



August 12 - September 2, 2015

Mo-fri 16:30-19:30, Sa 17:00-19:30

Vernissage: August 12, 2015 - 20:30






The painter and architect Sandro Zendralli has arrived in Ibiza: the starting point of his journey is the bucolic Grigioni, in Switzerland, a far cry from the white beaches and ultramarine blue sea. His paintings, both small-scale and large, now take on even more vibrancy under the Mediterranean light. One need only think of journeys undertaken before him by the likes of Henri Matisse or the Swiss artist Paul Klee.


The locality where Sandro Zendralli's creative impulse was first nurtured, both in architecture and in painting, is the Canton Ticino region of southern Switzerland: the same unspoiled landscape –gateway to the Mediterranean– with which Herman Hesse fell in love, an adventure to which his most famous novels Siddarta and Steppenwolf pay testimony to his profound connection to nature. Less known is that Herman Hesse also expressed this love in oil on canvas. Today Sandro Zendralli follows the path of this expressionistic quest.


At Ibiza, the vast ultra-modern spaces of Behdad Tehrani's B 12 Gallery now provide the perfect showcase for these paintings.


As an architect, Sandro Zendralli has worked throughout Switzerland, and has gained fame for the intuitively minimalist ''rational'' harmonics of the spaces he creates; like another Swiss architect, Le Corbusier, Zendralli's paintings express another aspect of the inter-dependence of the rational and the intuitive, the Apollonian and the Dionyisian. Corbusier's paintings abound in post-Cubist curves and arabesques. Likewise the intensity and musicality of Zendralli's light-saturated canvases replenish and complement the classical rigour of his architectural projects.


A lake is a body of water surrounded by land, an island is a body of land surrounded by the sea. They say the philosopher goes to the Mountain, the poet goes to the Sea: Sandro Zendralli is bringing these poetic opposites into harmony at the B 12 Gallery in Ibiza.



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